TALAST welcomes everyone who works to improve the quality of teaching in Tanzania to join us.

TALAST is for anyone who has an interest in the power of language to improve Learning outcomes – Teachers, Lecturers, Teacher Eduators, Quality Assurance officers, DEO’s and government officials and Reseachers.

We strongly feel that we achieve more when we stand together and collaborate to address the language crisis in our schools. The issue of language in education is a complex one, but with innovation, dedication and openness, TALAST strives to transform education. At the heart of this transformation, is the teacher. TALAST is an organisation that aims to support an empower teachers to improve the quality of Education.

TALAST has just been born, and we are just starting our journey. We will be sharing what we have learnt about LSP through regular blogs and on this website.

We are also establishing TALAST HUBS in Dodoma, Morogoro and Zanzibar which will also have face to face meetings and events.

Joining TALAST is free. Please follow the link below and fill in the form to join TALAST.

Dr Francis William, Chair TALAST,
College of Education, University of Dodoma

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