Biology has particular language challenges for Form I students. Biology has a rich vocabulary and acquiring this vocabulary is a central part of the learning process.  On the one hand, the LSTT Biology textbook simplifies the language as far as possible, to make it as accessible as possible. At the same time, the textbooks are full of activities that actively support language learning. Here are some of the ways that the Biology textbook does this:

bio double page

  • Accessible text. The textbook is written in simple sentences in English to make it easy to understand.
  • Glossary. There are lots of new words to learn in Biology. New words are highlighted in the text. Each page has a glossary of all such words with Kiswahili translations. The glossary will help students understand Biology.
  • Illustrations and Diagrams. Carefully drawn diagrams and illustrations help students to understand the meaning of words, and concepts.
  • Reading,Talking and Writing Activities. Students need help with reading, talking and writing about Biology. There are lots of activities to support their development in both Biology and English, including pair and group work.
  • Biology Activities. The book takes an activity based learning approach to learn Biology. These structured activities will keep students actively engaged in the learning process.
  • Help Boxes. Help boxes are give students extra help to complete the activities. Some of these help boxes support Learning English, and some help with learning Biology. The helpboxes are given in Kiswahili to be of most support to students.
  • Investigations. In the course, students will learn the practical skills of being a biologist. The activities can all be done with little equipment.
  • Homework and Extension Activities. After the lesson, students will be provided with some activities to do in their own time. The extension activities have the work at a higher level of thinking to challenge students. If students are really interested in Biology, this is for them.
  • Did you know? This book is written to reflect Tanzanian context The ‘did you know’ boxes tell lots of interesting and useful things about Biology relevant to Tanzanian students. Learning Biology is easier and funny when learners’ environment can be seen in the Biology concepts.
  • Summary and Review Questions. Each unit ends with a summary of what you have learnt, and some review questions. This prepares learners for tests.
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