Book Launch

“Language Supportive Pedagogy: Theory, Implementation and application”

On 23rd June, 2021, TALAST launched a new academic book “Language Supportive Pedagogy: Theory, implementation and application”. The book was written by TALAST founder members from St John’s University of Tanzania. The book documents was all about the experiences gained during the last 10 years developing and researching “Language Supportive Pedagogy. ”

Language Supportive Pedagogy (LSP) works to improve learning outcome by improving the language skills of students. We do this by putting language at the heart of learning for all subjects. Teachers of all subjects can help students to improve their language through small and simple changes to their teaching practice. 

The launching event took place at St John’s University of Tanzania in Dodoma with guest of honor Dr Mtahabwa, Tanzania Commissioner for Education. Speaking during the event, Dr Mtahabwa the guest of honour congratulated authors for making valuable contribution in teaching and learning activities of science subjects at secondary schools. 

Of this book, the guest of honour, his excellence Dr Mtahabwa said:

“This is an important book which brings contribution to the teaching and learning process. We need scholars who can initiate and solve problems in teaching and learning by innovating and writing as much as possible to address the challenges of education in our context.”

For more information about how to get hold of a copy of the book, please click on the button below:

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